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I'm a Psychologist.

Not a Therapist.

The difference between the two roles boils 

down to two things - education and experience. I am a Scientist & Practitioner. I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I trained for more than 7 years in order to be a Licensed 

Psychologist by the Illinois Department of 

Financial and Professional Regulation IDFPR 

(State of Illinois License Number 

071008691). My advanced degree allows me to have a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental processes. I am highly trained with expertise in mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and behavior change. I use clinical research to provide empirically supported (i.e., effective) treatments to my clients.  

Owner. Black woman. She/her pronouns.

Dr. Alexis Clarke

Relationship & Sex Psychologist

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I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR).

You can verify my license (071008691) by visiting the IDFPR website via the link below. 

My interest in intimacy, sexuality, and romantic relationships began in high school. Specifically, TV shows like “Loveline” and “Talk Sex with Sue” made me aware of the absence of education about issues related to intimacy, sexuailty, sexual health, sexual identity, and romantic relationships.


Openly talking about sex continues to be taboo, which can be detrimental, particularly in terms of health.  Due to TV programs that exposed me to this topic, I became comfortable talking about sex and sexuality; however, it did not occur to me that I could pursue a career in mental health that addressed those particular concerns.  Ironically, I’m shy, so being on TV was not appealing.  Also, I didn’t know anyone who had a similar career.  


I’ve learned a lot since then, particularly about the impact of socialization.  The socialization process begins early, even before you are born.  It can be difficult to figure out who you are (i.e., your identity); especially if your identity is not apart of the majority. I believe that you are the expert on you and your relationships with other people.  Living a life that makes you happy is critical.


Life is full of difficult and painful choices.  Sometimes we make choices that result in negative consequences which impact our daily lives and the relationships we have with other people.  My job is to aid and motivate you and your partner(s) to find concrete approaches to promote mental, emotional, and personal growth.  Not to determine who you are, who you “should” be, or what your romantic relationships “should” look like. You direct what your journey in life will look like.  Redefining Relationships, Acceptance, Empowerment, & Love is about what direction you want to go in this journey call life.



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The Paradox of Porn: Impact of Porn on Gay Male Sexual Culture

Trans, Just for the Fun of It: The Compassionate Practice of Gender in Four Dimensions


The Orgasm Gap and What We Can Do About It: Examples from Sweden

Sexing the Fat Body

Beyond Yes and No: Embodying Desire for Creative, Collaborative Consent

Sexual Health in Body, Mind and Spirit the Wide-Spectrum Healing Power of Pleasure

Two-Spirit Bodies - Sexual Sovereignty and Erotic Survivance of Indigenous LGBT+ People

Beyond Jealousy and Communication: Therapy for Polyamory's Biggest Challenges

Women's Bodies and the Power of Pleasure

Couples Therapy with Gay Men

Sexual & Social Liberation: Connecting our Pleasure to Our Power

Dismantling Traditional Teen Pregnancy Prevention Approaches: Moving form a Risks to Rights-based Approach

(Inter)Exchange - Interplay, Interdependence, and Intersectionality: Connecting our Branches for Accessible and Inclusive Reproductive and Sexual Health Justice


Transition Anxiety: Helping Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Folks Transition with More Ease

Beyond Trans 101: Complex Issues and Complicated Cases for Gender Affirmative Therapists

Narrative Conversations: Helping Clients Reconstruct Taboo

"I Don't See Color or Race": Latin@ Bisexuality at the Intersections of the Erotic, the Exotic and the Dangers of Colorblind Racism

Coming Out as Polyamorous

Sexualizing Cancer

Pushing Boundaries: Teaching Diverse and "Taboo" Sexuality in Higher Education Settings


Befriend and Transcend Your Sexual Story Using Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS): A Path to Healing and Pleasure

Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape


Complexity of Couples, Sexual Desire, and Clinician Values

What Do We Know About Pedophilia?


Bedpost Confessions


​Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm

Stages of Change: Interactions with Treatment Compliance and Involvement

Mental Health Care for African Americans

Self-Disclosure and its Impact On Individuals Who Receive Mental Health Services

Sensate Focus: Between Foundation and Innovation

Competence as an Ethical Standard for Psychologists

The Power of Transformation: Identifying and Overcoming the Effects of Vicarious Trauma


Healing the Pieces of Our Sexual Selves: For Sexuality Professionals

Does This Come with Attachments? Integrating EFT and Sex Therapy Trauma Informed Sex Education

Trauma Informed Sex Education

Reaction of Heterosexual Men 25 and Older on the Sexual Empowerment of Women

BDSM & Intimate Partner Violence Training

Putting the Pieces Together: A New Theory

Sexuality Education for the Spinal-Cord Injury Patient

Contemporary Sex in America: Update from the 2015 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior


​​The Power of Transformation: Identifying and Overcoming the Effects of Vicarious Trauma

Reproductive Justice: The Evolution, the Intersection, and the Future

The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity


Sensate Focus: Between Foundation and Innovation

Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Non-conforming People

Moving the Middle: Placing Social Justice at the Core of Human Sexuality


Ethics in Sexual Health: Strategies for Application in Education

​Women’s Sexual Health and Medicine: Creating Collaborative Approaches

Special Screening - Sticky: The Movie

Engaging Diversity

Coregasm: Research on Exercise-induced Orgasm and Arousal in Women and Men

Sexual Desire: Assessment, Treatment, Relapse Prevention

How to Teach the Four Boxes of Gendered Sexuality: Good Girl vs. Bad Girl and Tough Guy vs. Sweet Guy


Taking Sides on the Polygon of Porn


Your Role: Responding to Sexual Abuse



​Myths about Sex

Outreach to college students


Healthy Relationships

Outreach to college students

Sex & Socialization

Guest lectured about the socialization process for issues around sex, intimacy, and sexuality and how that impacts current sexual practices and identity

Exploring Cultural Diversity

Course for undergraduate students at UIUC

HIV/AIDS awareness

Outreach to college students for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Sexual Health

Workshops for college residence hall staff and other organizations on college campus.


Clarke, A.​ M., & Whittaker, V. A., (2015, November). It was taken from me, so why not…? A Client's Herstory of Sexual Violence and Healing. Symposium facilitated at the University of Dar es Salaam Gender Violence Symposium, Dar es Salaam, TZ.


Clarke, A.​ (2014, March). It was taken from me, so why not…? A Client's Herstory of Sexual Violence/Trauma and Healing. In J. A. Lewis (Chair), Applications of Black feminist theory to research and practice in counseling psychology. Symposium presented at the APA Society of Counseling Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA.



Psychology Honors Research (Quality of Romantic Relationships: A Comparative Analysis of Attachment Styles, Conflict Management Skills, and Relationship Satisfaction for Young Engaged Couples and Mature Couples)



Roisman, G. I., Holland, A., Fortuna, K., Fraley, R. C., Clausell, E., & Clarke, A​. (2007). The adult attachment interview and self-reports of attachment style: An empirical rapprochement. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 92, 678-697.



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