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Location of Sessions

All sessions are via teletherapy at this time, which means you need access to a computer, reliable high quality WiFi, and a webcam.  Additionally, you have to be located in Illinois at the time of the session, because I am only licensed in Illinois.  If you need to go out of town, we'll need to schedule sessions after you return.

Cost of Sessions

Free 25 minute consultation - Determine if you think we’d be a good fit.


The cost for the rest of the sessions range from $175-$215 per session depending on whether it's an intake (first appointment) or regular individual/couples therapy session.

Cancellation Policy

At least 24 hours in advance.  If you do not show up for your scheduled teletherapy appointment, without proper notification, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.


I accept BCBS PPO of IL and Cigna health insurance at this time. Your insurance may cover all or a portion of the cost for sessions. You will need to contact your insurance provider for specific details such as if you have a copay and deductible as well as the amount of the copay and deductible. Please be sure to specify that you are looking for details on whether teletherapy is covered.  

If you have a different provider, you can contact your insurance company and ask about the coverage for out of network providers.  Please be sure to specify that you are looking for details on out of network mental health coverage and whether teletherapy is covered.   (Additional information is provided in the FAQ section).

Forms of payment

All major credit cards are accepted for payment.  Payment is due at the time that services are provided via the Adaptive Telehealth website.

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What to Expect During Your Sessions.

Your Intake interview

In our first session, we will talk about your areas of concern, your history, and goals for treatment.

For couples, there will be a second intake interview in which, I will meet with you individually to learn each of your personal histories and to give each of you an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of your relationship.  It is important to note, that most of the work will involve sessions where you will be seen together as a couple. However, there may be times when individual sessions are recommended.  

Treatment Planning

The next session is the treatment planning session.  I will share with you my recommendations for treatment and work to define mutually agreed upon goals for your therapy.


The sessions that follow are dictated by you [and your partner(s)] in terms of your [and your partner(s)] goals and willingness to change.  I may give you exercises to practice between sessions.



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