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Teletherapy, or virtual counseling as it’s otherwise known, is the online delivery of therapy services via two-way video conferencing. Sessions are nearly identical to traditional therapy sessions save for one major exception. Instead of sitting together in the same room, clients and therapists interact via live video conferencing.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding teletherapy. Teletherapy is a safe and secure method of conducting therapy. There's a vast array of HIPPA- complaint platforms that allow practioneers to implement teletherapy for clients with ease. RRAEL Counseling, LLC is a 100% teletherapy run practice that utilizes HIPPA-compliant software.  


request/schedule an phone consultation

Request/schedule the 25 minute phone consultation/screening via email, this website, or phone. If it's a good fit we will schedule the intake. You will get a secured link to set up a profile on the Adaptive Telehealth Website.

your profile

In setting up your profile on the Adaptive Telehealth website, you will be asked to sign several consent forms.  We will review all of the consent forms at the beginning of the intake session. The Adaptive Telehealth website is where secured communications will occur.


logon to


check your wifi connection

To your laptop or tablet

connect to Dr. Clarke

Click the link for your scheduled appointment to conduct your first couples or individual therapy session from the comfort of your own home.




Teletherapy/Telebehavioral health/Telemental health provides more flexibility when it comes to accessing mental health services.  Scheduling is more convenient and you can have your session in the comfort of your own private space, as long as you have access to a computer, high quality WiFi, and webcam.



Protecting your privacy is very important.  To that end, we will be using HIPPA-compliant clinical software from Adaptive Telehealth for billing, document sharing, email, and video conferencing when we conduct our sessions.  Once you decide whether you want to begin services with me, I will register you as a client by asking for your email address.  Then, I will send a secure link to the email address you provided.  The email will not include any personal identifying information.  The title of the email will be "Invitation."  The text in the email will say: "Please click on the link to complete the invitation to Adaptive Telehealth. Click here."  You will create an account on the Adaptive Telehealth website.  Adaptive Telehealth works best with the Google Chrome browser, but you can use other browsers as well.

Although, we will be using encrypted software, I cannot guarantee total privacy and security.  It is possible for there to be a breach in confidentiality by hackers, Internet service providers, and/or by allowing other people to have access to your account information and/or the computer.  As such, you will be using teletherapy at your own risk.  


I recommended that you take these additional precautions:

  • Do not use a public computer.

  • Use a private computer with a firewall to strengthen your privacy and security.

  • Do not share or authorize other people to use your username and password to the Adaptive Telehealth website.  

  • Have the session in a private place.


If you think your account has been compromised, immediately change your username and password or close your account.  You should notify Adaptive Telehealth on their “Contact Us” page at and myself.  Please include information about:

  • Your concerns related to the security of your account.

  • Why you are concerned about the security of your account.

  • What steps have you taken and/or plan to take to address your concerns.


It is important to understand that teletherapy is not appropriate for everyone.  Specifically, teletherapy is most appropriate for people who have some ability to cope with stressors in adaptive ways and there are not significant impairments in their daily functioning (e.g., they are able to go to work and/or school, take care of children, attend to their personal hygiene).


Teletherapy is not appropriate for the following concerns:

  • Prolonged and severe depression that impacts your daily functioning

  • Recurrent thoughts of hurting yourself or other people

  • Recent suicide attempt (within the last year)

  • Severe self-injurious behavior (causes bleeding)

  • Recent psychiatric hospitalizations (within the last year)

  • Non-compliance with psychotropic medication

  • Experiencing hallucinations and/or delusions

  • Significant substance use

  • Current abuse (physical, sexual)

If any of these apply to you, please contact a local mental health provider.  A list of crisis and non-crisis resources can be found on the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) website:


If any of these concerns occur during the course of treatment, you will be referred to a more appropriate mental health provider.  


Verifying our identity (yours and mine) and location is very important for two reasons.  First, it ensures that I am complying with the relevant licensing laws in the jurisdiction where I am physically located (i.e., Chicago, IL) when I’m providing services as well as where you are physically located when receiving services (e.g., this may be different if you are not at home). Secondly, I am a mandated reporter, which means I am legally obligated to take action if I think you are in danger of harming yourself or others and/or if I become aware of abuse, neglect, or the financial exploitation of children, the elderly, or someone who is disabled.

My credentials are that I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, which means I am a Scientist-Practitioner.  I trained for over 7 years in order to be a Licensed Psychologist by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  My license number is 071008691.  You can verify the status of my license at any time by going to the following website:

In the “License Type” box, select “Clin Psychologist” then enter my license number - 071008691.


To verify your identity, I will ask you to upload a copy of a government issued photo ID to the Adaptive Telehealth website after you register.  I will also ask you where you are located and who is in the room with you at the beginning of every session.  You must truthfully identify your location and the identity of other people that may be with you during the time of our session.  

access the rrael counseling client portal

Get access to patient forms, self-guided exercises and other self-help tools.



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